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Reduce your submittal anxiety.

HPMS Assistant provides tools specifically designed to address the Federal Highway Administration’s (FHWA’s) Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) annual submittal process. HPMS Assistant is used to merge and validate data from existing road inventory databases and other operational systems based on DOT and FHWA validation rules.

Three of Transcend’s Productivity Tools are used in conjunction with HPMS Assistant and are accessible from HPMS Assistant’s interface:

  • Segment Analyzer – to dynamically segment business data into denormalized tables, one for Full Extent data and one for Sample Panel data.
  • Validation Assistant – to check data output from Segment Analyzer against DOT and FHWA rules and to step through and resolve problem records.
  • Report Engine – to generate the Full Extent and Sample Panel data files as well as certified mileage reports.

Map Data Fields to HPMS Items

HPMS-specific templates that map a transportation agency’s data to the data items included in the most current FHWA HPMS Field Manual.

Templates can be saved and used to run multiple iterations of data through the submittal process and can also be used as starting points for the process in subsequent years.

Monitor Your Progress with Workflow Indicators

As each step is completed, an associated indicator changes to green to denote its successful completion.

Validate Data & Correct Issues

Data is validated against established rules (HPMS validations are provided).

Corrections can be made in the source systems or within HPMS Assistant.

Run Reports & Generate Submittal Files

Network geodatabase and certified mileage reports are prepared along with the final April and June FHWA compliant submittal files.

Related summary files are created based on the current submittal data or from previous year’s summary data so they can be sent to FHWA.


Why do I need HPMS Assistant?

  • It provides validations, process monitoring, reports, and outputs specifically for FHWA’s HPMS annual submittal.
  • It enables users to validate data in existing road inventory DBs and other operational systems based on DOT and FHWA rules.
  • It generates public mileage reports.
  • It provides the ability to generate the necessary submittal files for FHWA.
  • Components (scripts and parameters) from process to process and year to year are stored in templates that can be modified and reused.
  • It’s a web-enabled application that works with or without R&H.
  • Dynamic Segmentation
  • Field Name and Domain Mapping
  • Data Validation
  • Groups and Templates
  • Sample Section Translation
  • CSV Export
  • Reports

System Requirements

User Requirements

  • Modern web browser
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • IE 10+
    • Safari

Supporting Software Requirements

  • A map service published through ArcGIS Server must be available in order for the application to consume data through the map service.

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