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Job Execution Manager™













Streamline your workflow scheduling.

Transcend’s Job Execution Manager provides the ability to schedule, manage, and execute jobs using various workflows and chained actions. Job Execution Manager serves as a powerful and flexible queuing engine across a variety of applications including Transcend’s Productivity Tools. These actions allow data and system administrators to schedule reoccurring tasks such as nightly data validations, monthly data updates to legacy systems, weekly data updates for online reports or dashboards, or cyclic data cleansing routines.

Powerful and Flexible Queuing

Tasks can be run in a chained sequence as well as in parallel with each other, giving you the ability to create dynamic workflows.

Workflows That Match Your Needs

Schedule jobs to run at any time – your data is ready when you need it.

Some of the available schedulable actions include:
• Run Segment Analyzer templates
• Run Validation Assistant groups
• Run Validation Assistant validations
• Build Conditional Workflows
• and more

Job Statistics and Recent History at a Glance

Job Execution Manager’s Side Panel provides you with a simple and easy way to check the status of all your jobs.

At all times you can clearly see how many jobs are running and the status of the most recent past jobs.

What browsers does Job Execution Manager support?
Most modern web browsers like; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE10+. For optimal performance, the product team recommends using the application in the most up to date versions of these.
Does Job Execution Manager use a responsive layout?
Yes. Job Execution Manager is built with a responsive design so that it can look good and operate well on devices that range from small to large (phone to desktop).
What operating systems does Job Execution Manager support?
Since Job Execution Manager is an HTML, JavaScript, and CSS web application any operating system with a modern web browser can run it – even tablets, phones, and other devices.
Does Job Execution Manager support data encryption?
Yes, the application requests/transactions can be encrypted by running over HTTPS (SSL).
What safeguards does the product use for database access security and protection against SQL injection and other functions?
Transcend’s tools, as well as ArcGIS Server, include security options to protect data access and help prevent SQL injection attacks. Please see the Application Security topic in the App Manager user guide for more information.
What type of product support is provided for Job Execution Manager?
Customers or external users can be set up to use the repository and collaboration toolset, and this allows them to open new defects, track defect resolution progress, and to communicate with Job Execution Manager’s Support team. Phone support is also available and calls initially go to Transcend’s Support team. Every call is logged into the repository mentioned in the previous paragraph, and assigned to the appropriate Support team member.
  • View jobs at a glance
  • Recent History
  • Create Job Workflow
  • Schedule Jobs
  • Filter and Search Jobs
  • Import or Export Jobs
  • Manage Scheduled Jobs
  • Job Execution History
  • Run Segment Analyzer templates
  • Run Validation Assistant group
  • Run Validation Assistant validations
  • Execute ArcGIS Server Geoprocessing Services
  • Log Messages to Server
  • Build Conditional Workflows
  • Execute Web requests
  • Send email

System Requirements

User Requirements

  • Modern web browser
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • IE 10+
    • Safari