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Mobilize your data collection.

The Mobile Asset Verification and Roadway Inventory Collection (MAVRIC) application is our tablet-based field data collection product. MAVRIC provides easy to use GPS-enabled data collection that integrates with your LRS and mapping environment. Data can be stored in a database environment on an enterprise server and synced to the environment to provide local access to data while in the field.

Online or Offline Collection and

Validation of Data

View roadway data through wireless networks or in disconnected mode.

Includes maps and straight-line views of infrastructure and data elements.

Your location is updated automatically as you move along a roadway.

Field-optimized User Interface on

Multiple Platforms

Interactive roadway data editing interface and redlining tools.

Automated collection of location allows for integrated creation of geotagged images, videos, and voice memos.

Higher-quality external cameras and GPS units can be incorporated via Bluetooth.

Integration with Road Analyzer for

Total Visualization

Both share core components and are compatible and easily integrated with various other systems.

In the field – data collected is uploaded to the your database by MAVRIC.

In the office – updated data can then be accessed immediately by Road Analyzer.


  • Online and Offline Modes
  • Session Configuration
  • Route Selector
  • Go To Milepost
  • Attribute Bars
  • Overview Map
  • Add and Edit Assets
  • Add Attachments (Geotags)
  • Route by GPS
  • Download Routes
  • Save Routes
  • CSV Export
  • Syncing Data
  • Control Bar
  • Users Guide

System Requirements

  • Tablet: iPad Air
  • Model: Wi-Fi + Cellular
  • Operating System: iOS 8
  • Capacity: minimum is 16GB, but 32GB is preferred