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Road Video Viewer™



















Elevate your video log viewing experience.

Road Video Viewer™ is Transcend’s standalone video log viewing application that is also designed to integrate seamlessly into our Road Analyzer™ product. Road Video Viewer can display multiple formats of video logs spanning multiple years of collection and is especially useful in determining if the locations of assets and events in an inventory match the corresponding field locations.

View Multiple Years of Collected Data

Road Video Viewer merges and displays video logs for routes collected across multiple vendors and years.

This capability allows you to view your video log data from one interface, seamlessly.

Customize Your Video Log Experience

The interactive playback allows you to play, pause, set playback speed and “pan” camera images which have their visibility set to “on”.

While camera settings allow you to order and configure camera frame display.

QC Your Asset Inventory

When integrated with Road Analyzer, Road Video Viewer becomes a powerful validation tool for verifying that assets and events in your inventory match the most current video log.

What browsers does Road Video Viewer support?

Most modern web browsers like; Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and IE9+. For optimal performance, the product team recommends using the application in the most up to date versions of these.

What safeguards does the product use for database access security and protections against SQL injection and other functions?

Transcend’s tools, as well as ArcGIS Server, include security options to protect data access and help prevent SQL injection attacks. Please see the Application Security topic in the App Manager User Guide for more information.

Does Road Video Viewer come with a tool to process my video log images?

Transcend Image Manager (TIM) is Transcend’s command line tool used for managing and processing the video log images you wish to view in Road Video Viewer. Please see the Transcend Image Manager topic to learn what this tool does and the workflow for managing and processing your video log images.

How can I add Route IDs and Measures to the eventpoints generated by TIM?

Transcend Image Manager (TIM) can add them automatically by running the gis_process command, or you can add them manually. Please see the GIS Processing Manually topic to see the workflow for adding them manually in ArcMap.

Can I view the Road Video Viewer images in Road Analyzer?

Road Video Viewer has been designed to integrate with our straight-line-diagramming product Road Analyzer (RA) in order to provide support for viewing video log images. Please see the Application Integration topic in the Road Analyzer User Guide for directions on how to set up the integration, as well as the Road Analyzer Integration topic for how to use the integration.

  • Allows multiple “Profiles” for different user viewing needs
  • View video log metadata
  • Manual or auto playback of images
  • Set frame playback speed
  • Turn cameras on/off as needed
  • View multiple vendor formats from a single user interface
  • Access multiple years of video log images from a single interface

System Requirements

User Requirements

  • Modern web browser
    • Chrome
    • Firefox
    • IE 10+
    • Safari

Supporting Software Requirements

  • A map service published through ArcGIS Server must be available in order for the application to consume data through the map service.
    • ArcGIS Server 10.2 (or higher)