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Mobile LiDAR









Strengthen your asset inventory.

Our mobile LiDAR services start by using state-of-the-art mobile mapping technology combining highly accurate LiDAR technology.

Traditional Survey and Asset Inventory

Data is collected while traveling at prevailing highway speeds.

Projects routinely capture up to 100 miles each day with the video logs and point clouds processed the following day.

Future feature extraction improvements promise greater automation and higher “hit rates” of feature detection.

Full Life-cycle Data Acquisition to Visualization

Combining our LiDAR services with Road Analyzer results in the tools and processes that address the entire life cycle of data acquisition to feature visualization.

Features extracted from LiDAR can be accessed by Road Analyzer allowing for the visualization of your data beside roadway characteristics and event data already in your database.

360 Degree Feature Capture and Extraction

Six horizontal cameras offer 360-degree capture, a dome camera above the system, and an eighth camera to collect pavement data.

Using Road Analyzer’s LiDAR Image Viewer, a user can traverse a route and access the images from each of the cameras in any combination.

Collect Data Once and Use it Many Times for Multiple Purposes

Our solution allows extracted features and legacy geospatial databases to be displayed in the same environment.

Results from our mobile mapping system provide greater benefits and a higher return on investment because the data can be used for asset collection and extraction, plus engineering applications.