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Custom Application Development

Custom development using the latest technologies, built specifically for your unique needs.

Transcend has been involved in the creation of several of the most notable decision support tools in the transportation industry. Whether basic business intelligence tools or geospatial web portals, we can assist you with determining the correct data presentation solution and then integrate the latest technologies best suited to your needs.

As seasoned participants in this industry, we’ve developed robust underlying “plug-in” architecture and components that make our custom development process fast and efficient allowing us to bring your ideas to life faster than you may think.

Business Intelligence Tools

Performance-measure based dashboards with both executive and business unit level interfaces is just one example of business intelligence tools we’ve built to meet specific user needs. Our custom B.I. tools can be integrated with mapping interfaces for displaying the location of assets or events associated with a selected business unit, as well other decision support integration based on your business data needs.

Geospatial Web Portals

Applications that utilize a map interface have become more commonplace with the introduction of mainstream web mapping tools (e.g. Google Maps), but the complexity of making fully integrated decision-support tools for professionals requires integrated data and more comprehensive skills. Our skill and experience allow us to develop custom decision-support applications for transportation agencies that provide for mining, analysis, thematic map display, and reporting of a multitude of data (e.g. pavement conditions, construction programs, crash locations, bridge conditions, traffic volumes, roadway characteristics, etc.

System Integration & Interfaces

Transcend’s robust “plug-in” architecture not only makes our custom development process more efficient, it also makes the applications and interfaces we build more versatile. Our solutions allow you to integrate legacy applications with new systems, applications and data models. Now that’s true versatility.